Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Men's Tattoo Designs Reflect Personality

The tattoo design you choose tells a lot about your personality. There are several popular men's tattoo designs like zodiac signs, Celtic designs, symbols and tribal tattoo designs. For instance a zodiac tattoo may depict a scorpion for someone who is a Scorpio. A person whom falls under the sign of Taurus may choose a bull.

Tribal tattoos are extremely popular but differ based on the origin of the tribe selected. For example, a Japanese tribal tattoo would look very different from a Hawaiian tattoo. Other choices for tribal tattoo designs include Celtic designs, Tribal dragons and Native American themes.

For animal lovers there are a lot of individualized Animal designs available. The skill and design of veteran artists have created stunning tattoos of wolves, tigers, birds, and snakes. The Chinese dragon has been a long time choice of men throughout history and remains very popular today.

Of all the men's tattoo designs, one that has an extensive history in the world and still remains one of the most requested designs would be none other than "name designs". From names of your wife, girlfriend, mother, favorite motorcycle brand, or spiritual belief, men have been adorning their bodies with names for years now. Name designs probably will never lose their popularity.

Equally important in choosing the design of the tattoo will be choosing the location on your body where it will be placed. Whatever tattoo design appeals to you, you need to decide if you want it visible or invisible. Visible, is usually an area of the body typically exposed such as an arm, wrist, neck, ankle, etc. Invisible is usually more private such as a buttock, thigh, lower back, or below an underwear line. With the longevity of tattoos you want to insure that you will be both happy with the design as well as where you have placed it.
Tattooing is a special art that allows us to decorate our bodies with a statement about our beliefs and personality. Everywhere we go, this art accompanies us signifying a little bit about who we are or what we believe in.

If you are considering a tattoo, always take into consideration the symbolic design and intrinsic value behind your tattoo. Is it a symbol or design that has long-term meaning and is not a just a passing fad? What statement do you want to make convey about your personality in the form of a tattoo? How do you choose the best men's tattoo design for your personality or do you want to create your own unique design?
Whatever design or placement you choose, choose wisely! When it comes to a tattoo, quick decisions can last a lifetime.

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