Monday, October 1, 2012

Feather Tattoo Designs

Feather Tattoo Design Picture 1Feather Tattoo Design Picture 1

Tattoo Center. Feather Tattoo Designs. Feather tattoos generally carry a deep meaning to the wearer and are rarely applied for their esthetic beauty, women with feather tattoos are usually trying to get in touch with their Native American heritage or use it to represent freedom and a guided spirit. The design a of feather tattoo is usually of a single large quill feather floating over the canvas and finished in a very elegant style and placed along a arm, the upper back, or leg.

Feather Tattoo Design Picture 2Feather Tattoo Design Picture 2

Colors are usually traditional and done in black and white but sometimes light shading or pigments will be added to symbolize the different facets in a woman’s personality. For instance, red represents love and passion while picking orange or yellow says power and intelligence. Options are abound with feather tattoos and deciding which type of feather and color is right for you will be a very personal choice. Feather tattoos can be quite simple and feature a large quill spread along the back, or up the side of a leg or arm.

Feather Tattoo Design Picture 3Feather Tattoo Design Picture 3

Celtic Druids often wore heavy robes covered in feathers designs. Each color of feather tattoos had its own meaning orange meant energy, purple meant power, red means passion and courage, while yellow means intellect and eloquence. Feather tattoos designs are most commonly seen featuring Native American designs or in the form of wings. However, these feather tattoos symbols of ascension, truth and a freedom of spirit can have many different styles. Most of these feather tattoo styles carry a significance of their own.

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