Thursday, October 18, 2012

Girl Tattoos and What They Mean

While men tattoos are often chosen on the day, girl tattoos are usually thought over long and hard, perhaps for months.

Men will decide to have a tattoo to mark a particular point in their lives like falling in love or becoming a parent or perhaps to mark a personal achievement such as finishing basic training or being selected for special forces, winning a sporting event etc.

Have you ever watched a dragonfly dance around a pond? They have speed, agility, stamina and beauty. Try shooing it away from your picnic and you will also find they are stubborn little critters who won't be put off their activities and have a persistence to them that can only be admired. Girls with many of these characteristics will be drawn to dragonfly tattoos.

Butterfly tattoos are also popular with the ladies and there are several reasons why a girl would be drawn to this design. They may find the free spirit of a butterfly attracts them or they may be coming of age and the butterfly represents their arrival to maturity as do girl tattoos of roses.

The positioning of girl tattoos can also give away their characteristics. For instance, a girl who is a romantic at heart will often chose the shoulder for her tattoo, especially if she isn't ashamed to own up to being a romantic and a bit of a day dreamer.

The dragonfly, butterfly or other animal tattooed to a girl's chest represent her strong motherly instincts and love of nature while girl tattoos below the navel may represent a return to innocence. On the lower back shows she has a strong faith and would never falter from her beliefs.

Girl tattoos come in many designs and once chosen many will represent a part of the girls character. Perhaps she doesn't yet know why she chose her tattoo but at some stage in her later life she will understand why she finally, after all that deliberation, chose the one she did.

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